Remarkable luminous phenomena in nature: A catalog of geophysical anomalies by William R Corliss by William R Corliss

REMARKABLE LUMINOUS PHENOMENA IN NATURE is one of 22 volumes in the Catalog of Anomalies published by The Sourcebook Project. The catalog provides an objective, unsensationalized compilation of anomalous phenomena, difficult to explain observations, and curiosities of nature in the fields of astronomy, biology, archeology, geophysics, and geology. This volume is an expansion of the earlier catalog titled Lightning, Auroras, Nocturnal Lights published in 1982. Dozens of geophysical phenomena are recognized including Horizon-to-Horizon Sky Flashes * Episodes of Luminous Mists * Mountain-Top Glows * Earthquake Lights * Double Ball Lightning and Ball Lightning with Tails * Rocket Lighting * Lightning from a Clear Sky * Ghost Lights; Ignis Fatuus * The Milky Sea * Marine Light Wheels * Luminous Phenomena in Tornados * and Low-Level and Black Auroras. REMARKABLE LUMINOUS PHENOMENA IN NATURE contains 128 illustrations and intriguing accounts collected from references including the English Mechanic, Journal of Meteorology, Knowledge, Nature, New Scientist, Royal Meteorological Society Journal, Science News, and Weather to name a few. Over 1600 citations are included and indexed four ways, by Time-of-Event, First Author, Source, and Subject. The indexes are cross-referenced to each entry in the book to aid the reader in locating original source materials and conducting independent research.

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