Monster Move

Well, the day is finally here.  Everything is packed and on it’s way to the new house and the only thing I have at the moment is a smart phone to stay connected to the outside world.  If there are no more delays we should be back up and running soon.  But as the container with all of our household goods and equipment will be traveling though the Bermuda Triangle, lets just hope there are no.. shall we say.. mishaps.  More updates on Twitter as the days and weeks pass by.

A Guy, Some Equipment And A Podcast

Let me begin by stating I am an enthusiast first and foremost.  I am in no way a professional investigator, broadcaster or in this for the money.  I am doing this for my deep interests in the subjects and my belief that there is much more out there that we are led to believe.

My interest with the strange really began with a chance encounter back in the early 90s when I was scanning the AM dial and came across the father of late-night talk radio, the legend himself, Mr Art Bell.  Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and Sunday night’s Dreamland show set the bar to which few have come close.  From this one syndicated AM talk radio show in Pahrump, Nevada came a plethora of topics no one else dared to touch; UFO Phenomenon, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Psychic Abilities, the Occult, Lost Civilizations and Alternative History.  All of which added an immense amount of color to the wake, work, sleep, repeat life style in the masses are meant to believe.  Fast forward twenty five years and I’ve become more of an enthusiastic hobbyist.  I read and research what I can, when I can, between a normal work schedule and family life.  But at the end of the day I am just that, an enthusiast at best, looking to make a little more sense of my existence on this spinning blue rock.

I want to go back to the roots of the UFO and Paranormal phenomenon to look at stories that brought us to where we are today and our understanding of the UAP/UFO phenomenon, Cryptozoology, Reincarnation and Government Cyber Surveillance Program.  Podcasts will be short at first, 15-30 minutes podcast for the first few episodes with the intent of working into a full 60-90 minute broadcast to include guest interviews.

Humorous Encounters

Humorous Encounters

It all happened in a moment that felt as if time itself had ceased to exist.  Picture if you will a sunny California evening, white fluffy clouds gently moving with across the sky nudged ever so slightly by the coastal winds pushing South Southwest.  Today, unlike any other Friday I drove back from the office I decided to make a quick stop before going home.  I stopped, waited for a moment and proceeded with an interpolation as through I had forgotten something, something important.  None the less I followed the beaten trail weaving my way around those choose few whom had felt the same pull as I to this location.  And then it happened.  At first it had only caught my attention for a moment in a brief glimpse of my peripheral vision.  I stopped, stepped back and slowly raised my phone as to not draw attention to myself.  If I were not to make it out alive from this ordeal I felt I needed to document the case for others to see. Others must know that it is out there, watching us, waiting for us to notice.  This whole encounter has left me traumatized.  I returned straight home and immediately contacted Dr Firestone Walker, Ph B.C. to relay my account of the incident. Until further notice, or until Monday I have been advised to begin a therapy regiment of Firestone Walker 805 in 12oz doses.  This may take some time, but I do believe this course of therapy will pull me through.  My sqwatch encounter 5:35pm Friday 2 Jun 17.  I was lucky to make it out with a single photo (which speaks volumes) before being noticed.  I am afraid I must go as my first doseage is now complete and I can feel another calling.