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  • Monster Move

    Well, the day is finally here.  Everything is packed and on it’s way to the new house and the only thing I have at the moment is a smart phone to stay connected to the outside world.  If there are no more delays we should be back up and running...
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  • A Guy, Some Equipment And A Podcast

    Let me begin by stating I am an enthusiast first and foremost.  I am in no way a professional investigator, broadcaster or in this for the money.  I am doing this for my deep interests in the subjects and my belief that there is much more out there that we are led to...
  • VFS Headquarters

    VFS Headquarters is up and ready for broadcast.
  • New VFS Intro before the voice-over

  • Humorous Encounters

    Humorous Encounters It all happened in a moment that felt as if time itself had ceased to exist.  Picture if you will a sunny California evening, white fluffy clouds gently moving with across the sky nudged ever so slightly by the coastal winds pushing South Southwest.  Today, unlike any other...